NHL Game Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Canadiens, Game 3 - Jun. 18, 2021

18 июн 2021
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Josh Anderson scored twice, including the overtime winner, as the Montreal Canadiens stunned the Vegas Golden Knights with a 3-2 victory in Game 3.

  • Pause the video at 6:20 to see Fleury celebrate

    Frederick GagnonFrederick Gagnon14 дней назад
  • Flury Choke This Game If he haven't past the puck to Anderson lol he wouldn't not Choke and the Golden Knights Would Have Won This Game

    Gaming With MarGaming With MarМесяц назад
  • 5:45 shows the end of the GK round 3.

    Crankestein LoskonCrankestein LoskonМесяц назад
  • hay quá

    Lê Ngọc HânLê Ngọc HânМесяц назад
  • Oh God... first Fleury's massive fail, Perry's missed call, then this insane final sequence with Perry's bloody nose and Chris Lee desperately trying to undo Anderson's winning goal... this game will go down in history for sure, especially now that the Habs have won the series.

    Edita ŠevčíkováEdita ŠevčíkováМесяц назад
  • Fleury is a weird player, hes doing the best saves but also most embarrassing fails. But i love Fleury anyway

    NeinythNeinythМесяц назад
    • @Moda1106 yea, thats what i mean. But I love this guy, hes still nuts

      NeinythNeinyth18 часов назад
    • He's constantly out of position. High risk, high reward type of goalie, to be honest.

      Moda1106Moda110623 часа назад
  • Whats up now Canada? Hahaha

    Vegas XVegas XМесяц назад
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    OJI CHROM8OJI CHROM8Месяц назад
  • Мощь...👍👍👍

    Владимир ПервушинВладимир ПервушинМесяц назад
  • The NHL should be recognized and commended for their advancement in hiring people with disabilities, just look at the blind people they hired as Refs for this game.

    elparcero1220elparcero1220Месяц назад
  • I picked Montreal, unlike most against. Toronto and again against.the Jets not as big of an upset but,even though the. Canadiens are up 2 games to one this series that would surprise me. But you never know no one picked the Islanders to go through. Pittsburgh and Boston 😲imagine that. Canadiens vs Islanders for the. Stanley. Cup wow😳

    kriss montekriss monteМесяц назад
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    Dalton EdwardsDalton EdwardsМесяц назад
  • Gooo habs! Rooting on you! ❤️

    bellie017bellie017Месяц назад
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    qwertyu sdfghjqwertyu sdfghjМесяц назад
  • Watch if they knight play there back up there done out of lord Stanley. Flurry all the way or lose go home play golf

    Chief White BuffaloChief White BuffaloМесяц назад
  • Well done Habs, especially with the atrocious reffing.

    G. W.G. W.Месяц назад
  • bobblehead bettman 1 - les canadiens -2

    ThunderHockey TFLThunderHockey TFLМесяц назад
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    Travers HemrTravers HemrМесяц назад
  • My Habs will win tonight easily!!!

    Mag netoMag netoМесяц назад
  • Vegas does not belong in the NHL

    Lawrence WinterLawrence WinterМесяц назад
  • caufield is such a legend

    ashley gwenashley gwenМесяц назад
    • If the Habs didn't have that one goal from Caufield, I'd imagine that Vegas would have taken the lead and would have been in the finals against Tampa...

      Moda1106Moda110622 часа назад
  • Byron must have made a fortune in commission on that sell.

    Garett JacksonGarett JacksonМесяц назад
  • I like the under Vegas vs Montreal some books had it 5.5 total but most brought it down to 5. Last two games were a push, but Montreal playing the trap with Price in net not giving up any softies...

    Carm CapoCarm CapoМесяц назад
  • This is the type of refereeing that made video review come into the NHL! It was just absolutely embarrassing! That or Gary Bettmen payed them off

    Kyle CooksonKyle CooksonМесяц назад
  • If I was Montreal I'd be demanding different rats *cough* Reffs for the next game!!!

    Kyle CooksonKyle CooksonМесяц назад
  • You never clear the puck anywhere near the crease forward ..that's just hockey 101..

    AGENT 355 (PLVS VLTRA)AGENT 355 (PLVS VLTRA)Месяц назад
  • Tim Peel laughing like Dr Evil at home watching the game.

    Bond JamesBond JamesМесяц назад
  • The Refs are asleep this year. It’s just as bad on the Isles/Tampa series. Linesmen are allowed to call penalties. The Ref “missing” an obvious one, ok… but all three of them, all the time? And if you’re not gonna call an obvious one against one team, don’t call a borderline against the other team 30 seconds later

    I DONT GIVE A ****I DONT GIVE A ****Месяц назад
  • How do you miss a two-hander baseball swing high-stick like that... If habs wouldve lost, that's all we would have talked about after this game.

    David PizzutoDavid PizzutoМесяц назад
  • Look at that, even fleury hates the knights

    derp digglerderp digglerМесяц назад
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    Diany KellyDiany KellyМесяц назад
  • Refs . Yikes .

    WayneWayneМесяц назад
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    Richard GonzalezRichard GonzalezМесяц назад
  • Нравится мне эта пара, особенно Монреаль хорош. Good luck Montreal.

    Serg ChickadeenSerg ChickadeenМесяц назад
  • Fleury with the game winner

    Pascal S.Pascal S.Месяц назад
  • Nhl refs suck bettman is a joke

    NewearthjediNewearthjediМесяц назад
  • 2 words.....sportsnet sucks....

    Kevin WallisKevin WallisМесяц назад
  • How is Bettman still in power?

    Daniel MartinezDaniel MartinezМесяц назад
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    Pauline WizardPauline WizardМесяц назад
  • phuckin eh! GO HABS GO!!!

    Lil hairLil hairМесяц назад
  • Can someone step up and SMASH Point ? Oh , wait...NM.

    Buff BarnabyBuff BarnabyМесяц назад
  • Очень интересная серия! Пусть победит сильнейший в 7-ом матче!!!! А цветка жалко! Постоянно он чудит)))

    Александр ЮсАлександр ЮсМесяц назад
  • Жаль Флери

    Александр МальцевАлександр МальцевМесяц назад
  • VEGAS in 7! Gonna be lots of Crying Canada fans as always year after year.

    Vegas XVegas XМесяц назад
  • Anderson stole on Fleury twice...LOL

    Moey GregoryMoey GregoryМесяц назад
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    Pamela StorchPamela StorchМесяц назад
  • Варотчики не блистают.

    Михаил СтасовМихаил СтасовМесяц назад
  • This is why I never wanted a team in Vegas go Habs!

    Karl CooperKarl CooperМесяц назад
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    kemoe hoqaukemoe hoqauМесяц назад
  • Cheering for Montreal here in the states. These guys have worked so hard to get this far, and even these poor excuses for referees can't stop them. Canada deserves the cup this year!

    Warren FWarren FМесяц назад
  • Holy did Vegas play bad!

    Riel de bonkRiel de bonkМесяц назад
  • Pathetic that they aren't allowed to fill the seats. Pansy ass liberal bullshit.

    blaahblahblaahblahМесяц назад
  • Coming from a Wild fan, now do u guys see why we complained about the refs so much lol

    Where's the b1owWhere's the b1owМесяц назад
    • You guys and the Avs got screwed over by the Golden Refs. It could've been you guys or Colorado against us back then... I'm just glad the Habs could make Vegas, the refs, and Bettman eat some humble pie.

      Moda1106Moda110622 часа назад
  • Two handed baseball bat swing in the face is now allowed in the NHL.

    Bruno PaquetteBruno PaquetteМесяц назад
  • Bruh that goal horn hits so hard…

    xystumpyxystumpyМесяц назад
  • Perry was asking each Hab player as they came off the ice after the OT winner ..... "Did you score the goal?". Anderson was like the second last one off the ice. LOL.

    Innis MorInnis MorМесяц назад
  • Refs and linesmen .... four (4) of them. Linesmen are required to call that (high stick inflicting injury). All four decided to look the other way. Interesting tidbit. One of the two refs for this game was Chris Lee. He had not reffed a Habs game since Aug 19/20, 5th game of MTL-PHI play-off series ..... where Niskanen crosschecked Gallagher to his mouth breaking teeth and his jaw. The refs missed that one too. #WhatAreTheOdds Knights' Jonathan Marchessault now being referred to as Jonathan Machete-Assault. LOL.

    Innis MorInnis MorМесяц назад
  • yes yes yes! No penalty on the high stick in overtime, guess the refs are blind but Habs still win... YES!

    colin marshallcolin marshallМесяц назад
  • It looks like that Montreal was playing harder

    Larry KreugerLarry KreugerМесяц назад

    mel obrienmel obrienМесяц назад
  • You can't upload 1080p (or higher) quality highlights? Come on Sportsnet...

    Rji24Rji24Месяц назад
  • " thats not over the shoulder, thats GAME OVER!" brilliant lol

    Tommy VercettiTommy VercettiМесяц назад
  • you know the officiating was BAD when every teams fans come together and agree lmao.

    Jay BinoJay BinoМесяц назад
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    刃 鬼滅刃 鬼滅Месяц назад
  • One thing was clear here, someone paid off the refs. 4 no calls on knights on top of that habs looked really sloppy in the 3rd can’t chance that again gotta stay hungry I’m a Ducks fan overall but habs are my Canadian team. Go habs go!

    Daniel FicarraDaniel FicarraМесяц назад
  • That goal will haunt him for years to come.

    LetsgoEaglesLetsgoEaglesМесяц назад
  • It looked like the refs tried to win the game for the Knights but The Habs still won. Well-deserved win for the Habs

    ImperatorImperatorМесяц назад
  • trash refs

    ppokih Lippokih LiМесяц назад
  • The official's insurance plan probably doesn't include vision care. Sad really..

    JS'opinionJS'opinionМесяц назад
  • Ref watches Perry get his face carved. No call !!! What kind of BS is going on here!?

    Max SaulMax SaulМесяц назад
  • Six wins away baby!

    K GrantK GrantМесяц назад

    Tony_tmTony_tmМесяц назад
  • Go Habs Go

    JP 007JP 007Месяц назад
  • "All 3500"

    RudaggarRudaggarМесяц назад
  • So no suspension and fine for that high stick

    Joshua IsaacJoshua IsaacМесяц назад
  • I cant believe im saying this as a rangers fan, but go habs!

    the1truesharkthe1truesharkМесяц назад
  • Not saying that the game was rigged in favor of the Golden Showers of Las Vegas, but Bettman was in the stadium and all the calls against his precious brainchild were ignored. Draw your own conclusions.

    Charles-Olivier DenisCharles-Olivier DenisМесяц назад
  • пару удалений у вегаса не свистнули

    hellstreamhellstreamМесяц назад
  • That's as disgraceful a bit of biased refereeing as I've seen in 40years of watching the NHL. And no, I'm not a Montreal fan. That was clown show material.

    Shawn GilloglyShawn GilloglyМесяц назад
  • What about the brilliant play by Byron in the ot goal; he faked the shot and it made Fleury freeze and because of that Anderson had an empty net!

    Hugo AngersHugo AngersМесяц назад
  • Habs had a little help from the man upstairs last night.

    John BeattyJohn BeattyМесяц назад
  • Vegas paid the refs and STILL lost. Embarrassing. GOHABSGO! Allez Montreal! On veut gagner!

    Bhromor RahmanBhromor RahmanМесяц назад
  • Отбросы подкачали в этой игре. Ну серию все ж заберут. Вратари в целом оба хорошие, но не вася конечно. В любом случае, тут решается кто отлетит от Тампы.

    Mike GusevMike GusevМесяц назад
  • Wait isn't the North weak? Habs: Hold my beer

    Justin SzilveszterJustin SzilveszterМесяц назад
  • Русских нету?

    топ топтопычтоп топтопычМесяц назад
  • where are the fans?

    Shanahan Hockey SchoolShanahan Hockey SchoolМесяц назад
  • The refs are a joke! I think it's time we get a new league if these clowns are allowing this garbage to continue...How many games have they decided with their pathetic calls?

    Knew SxhoolKnew SxhoolМесяц назад
  • Most games I've watched these last few years have been difficult to look at. As a ex hockey official in the 3 man system, I really don't understand what a penalty is anymore.

    Gary InMarzGary InMarzМесяц назад
  • Yeehawwwww Red Team Won!! Montreal wins it all. Yaahooooo!!,

    Samantha HoggSamantha HoggМесяц назад
  • I'm hoping the Montreal mafia made Fleury kick that one in.

    Ian RossIan RossМесяц назад
  • PUUUURE LUCK. ONLY way Canadiens could win this game.

    Corbett FogueCorbett FogueМесяц назад
  • Андерсон герой матча.

    Максим ПашковМаксим ПашковМесяц назад
  • Sounds like those people in the comment section who are upset w the refs had vegas -170.. i on the other hand had the habs +150 for $500.. thats $750 to those who dont wager.. Go Montreal!!!

    talent wastedtalent wastedМесяц назад
  • Byron freezing Fleury though...

    RoccoRoccoМесяц назад
  • марк-андре начудил

    Здравый СмыслЗдравый СмыслМесяц назад
  • of course !!!

    Carlos VillasecaCarlos VillasecaМесяц назад
  • the reffs are from usa .!?

    Carlos VillasecaCarlos VillasecaМесяц назад
  • both goalies let in cheesie give away goals.. hah! but until the middle 3 rd period -Vega was out shooting Montreal 3 -1

    relcychohorelcychohoМесяц назад
    • Big difference when one team knows they can do anything on the ice and not get enalized. HUGE advantage.

      john smithjohn smithМесяц назад
  • Anybody but Reaves and Pietrangelo should get a Cup. Classless cheap shots.

    Hoplite 224Hoplite 224Месяц назад
  • Chris Lee and Dan O'Rouke belongs behind bars.

    Alexandre LacombeAlexandre LacombeМесяц назад